Product Image Editing Service

E-commerce and product image editing services are helpful in all kinds of situations. You do not have the time, team, or bandwidth to edit your eCommerce photos internally.

Product Photo Editing

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Product Image Editing Service

E-commerce and product image editing services are helpful in all kinds of situations. You do not have the time, team, or bandwidth to edit your eCommerce photos internally. If you have many products, it is not uncommon to edit photos of thousands of products. Sales in different marketplaces, each with its requirements, make the work even bigger.

Whether it’s a white background, shadow effect, or anything in between, we’ll handle your order hand in hand. Working against a budget or a tough deadline? Our team of over 300 professionally trained photo editors works around the clock to help.

Improve the SEO of your online store images, create a consistent look for all your product photos, and drive more sales when you outsource eCommerce and product photo editing.

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Why Pixover Lab?


Doing digital photo editing with poor quality and paying no attention to detail can hurt your reputation and your brand. Our business is built on great photo editing services that convert customers and impress clients.


If you have no time, we will help you meet your shortest deadline. We will provide fast quotes, fast customer service and fast results. In fact, we provide a quote for each project in 40 minutes or less.


We offer affordable digital photo editing services. Because to be more familiar. But this does not mean that our quality is not good. Whether you have a photo or a few thousand batches, you will have no problem fitting our services into your budget.

Product Image Editing Service at Pixover Lab

Product Image Editing Service

How to edit and customize product photos

There are several ways to customize your product image. As for our eCommerce and product image editing services, here are some of the things that will bring you the most success in online sales:

Quality: As more customers shop online, the competition grows. It’s important to have photos of high-quality, real-looking products that make your products more attractive to potential buyers. 38% of customers want to see in a general background, and 33% of customers want to see the product in context – so provide both.

If you have to edit a photo to change the color of a single product, make sure that the edited images are what match customers will get in real life. Use a ghost mannequin (neck-joint) to give it shape and volume.

Consistency: Many online shoppers do comparative shopping, not just prices. Presenting a series of products for your customers makes it easy to compare them. Remove background and using a white background to create continuity. Additionally, centralizing, straightening, and rotating the product can provide more feedback to build confidence in the buyer’s decision.

File Size: File size can be a big player in SEO and customer experience online. Photos of very large products can load your pages more slowly, and this means buyers can quickly push the button back – and you lose sales. This can hurt your SEO credibility by making search pages easier to index.

Decreasing the file size of your product photos can be saved for Adobe Photoshop web functions. You can also use Apple previews, online image compression tools, or a photo-resizing service.

Mobile-friendly: Product photos render separately on a desktop browser and a mobile device. That’s why it’s essential to account for both types of buyers with the right-sized images. We can resize multiple versions of photos of the same product for use on product pages in thumbnails and other areas of your site.

When to customize photos of your product

  • If you sell in various online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, ATC, or more, you need your edited images to meet your photo requirements.
  • To create a white background for a photo of your product – 38% of online shoppers prefer to see your product in the simple background.
  • When the product separately and to show more clearly from the background you’ll need to remove any images
  • To resize a huge batch of product photos to speed up the loading of your online store.
  • Create a huge batch of main product photos, detailed zoom-in pictures, and thumbnails
  • The shopping experience for customers to create a better quality of your product photos to be optimized.
  • If you are searching for product photos to optimize the size, quality, file name, and you get the best of these can edit tags.

Product Image Editing at Pixover Lab

Our professional graphic designers have many years of experience providing a wide range of product image editing services. You will find a team of dedicated photo editors or editors who will fill out your order by hand, working on getting the most customized photos wherever you sell online.

We’ve optimized product photos for online stores built on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and many more platforms. Also, we are up-to-date on the latest requirements for markets such as Amazon, eBay, ATC, social media, and more.

When it comes to selling online, consistent, high-quality product photos will help you convert more customers. If you’re not sure how to get product photos that look specific to your website, we’ll partner with you to meet your goals.

Pixover Lab has been recognized as the best product image editing service provider by eCommerce professionals and photographers like you based on the results obtained each time.

Every image you send to PixoverLab takes various quality control steps in our lab before sending it back to you. This ensures the elimination of even the smallest chance of error.

In doing so, our experienced professional product image editing team is equipped with a state-of-the-art technology company to match the highest standards of the industry.

Learn more about Pixover Lab by the top services we offer.

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