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Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is a type of photo editing service used in Photoshop to remove mannequin from product images. The fashion industry has a wide array to showcase the most desirable products. 

Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin

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Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost mannequin service is a type of photo editing service used in Photoshop to remove mannequin from product images. The fashion industry has a wide array to showcase the most desirable products. One of the most popular trends in fashion eCommerce stores is ghost mannequin service photo editing. For various catalogs and e-commerce sites, standards are used instead of human personality to create 3D effects of different clothing items such as shirts, trousers, jackets, cardigans, swimsuits, lingerie, jewelry etc.

However, in the final output, you need to panic and remove the background to give it a blank or spooky look because of this effect, known as the Ghost mannequin service (neck joint), also known as the Invisible Mannequin Effect.

The neck joint could be a common task within the maintenance of clipping methods. It was necessary to work for all clothing factories. Every clothing factory has to advertise its products. Basically, shirts, jackets, pants and lingerie are common products from clothing factories. Products have to do mannequin. For this job you need a mannequin service company.

You can create the same effect using transparent mannequins or removable ghost mannequins. However, after shooting the photo, you may need photo editing services to make your effect perfect. This is why many photographers avoid expensive transparent mannequins or removable ghost mannequins to save time and money because photo editing is more affordable. To get a 3D effect, shoot the usual flowers wearing clothing items from different angles. Simultaneously, shoot the neck, bottom, inner parts, and sleeves separately and send it to us. We will remove standard and studio backgrounds from photos and replace other Photoshop parts to create blank-human or spooky effects. Even if you don’t have shots for other interior features, we can provide you with the final output.

Besides our ghost mannequin removal service, we will also remove bad guys, dust, stains, and dumps. To optimize the product for the final production, we will apply it to crop, resize, straighten, remove shadows and resize. Photos that enliven your products are essential to generating sales. Especially for fashion retailers, it manner actual human beings are carrying and the usage of your product. Whether you need a whole ankle or only a neck joint service, professionally executed ghost standards will give your product depth. Apply more natural photos to customers as they can imagine themselves wearing their own clothes, including high-quality images to assist you to promote greater products to your next competition.

Our Work in Action


Doing digital photo editing with poor quality and paying no attention to detail can hurt your reputation and your brand. Our business is built on great photo editing services that convert customers and impress clients.


If you have no time, we will help you meet your shortest deadline. We will provide fast quotes, fast customer service and fast results. In fact, we provide a quote for each project in 40 minutes or less.


We offer affordable digital photo editing services. Because to be more familiar. But this does not mean that our quality is not good. Whether you have a photo or a few thousand batches, you will have no problem fitting our services into your budget.

Ghost Mannequin Image Editing Services at Pixover Lab

How to add a ghost to your image

To add a ghost or invisible mannequin to your photo, you will first need an image of the dress with the penis and one without the standard (so that the label on the inside is visible). Put the two figures together on the neck – you can do this by way of clipping. Now you will have clothing that looks like it has an invisible old aftertaste.

Some spooky putty is not driven into the neck joint. Pants, watches, and hats can be edited to add natural volume and texture, for example.

The clothing and accessories displayed on the Invisible Monkey look more vital and natural, giving customers a chance to understand how to wear them in real life. To achieve the brightest image possible, we combine the ghost standard with other services as a color correction or shadow effect.

Ghost Mannequin DIY

At first, open your Adobe Photoshop, then move the report menu toolbar from your left facet and click on open. After that, go to your photograph folder and choose your photograph. Then make a layer replica of your working image. Select your layer reproduction. Start clipping using a pen device because you’ve got to put off heritage from photo. And start clipping the whole picture and make it transparent. Then open any other tab for choosing the sample photo.

Crop the neck location, drag it to the main image, and place. Use warp tool to regulate the pattern crop record with the original picture. After doing this again, pick the pen gear and take a new cut out. We have accomplished our paintings with this photo.

When to use ghost mannequin service

  • Your product life, to add texture and volume, especially in the clothing and accessories.
  • The costs and challenges of renting live models if you need to
  • When you want to show the back part and front part of your product or a 360-degree view
  • Labels (s) to show the interior of the clothing, as well as brands and interior tags

When not using ghost mannequin

  • If you need to showcase products used in context with real people
  • I tested on your website or seen in digital advertising that live models convert better.

In general, it is better to use a combination of ghost standard and live model. Ghost provides continuity for your main product thumbnails and images on older websites or catalogs, but live models add a human and relativity factor. It puts products in context for customers.

Ghost mannequin service at Pixover Lab

Whether you shot the image using a clean, wired, or transparent-individual putty, we can achieve the most natural-descriptive image with your files. When you take a tedious task out of your hands, we will help you revitalize your products, add texture, and ultimately grow your business.

To date, we’ve edited more than million images – and are counting. You get images edited by highly skilled and experienced photo editors. Trust us, and whether your workplace is one of the most aggressive deadlines or one of the photos, fulfill our Help.

We know how important it is to get real-looking images so you can sell more products: online stores, print catalogs – and everything in between.

Pixover Lab is the best company to do this. You have a large number of employees to do that. They also offer all kinds of clipping path services. Background removal, image masking, photo manipulation, image resizing and photo retouching, etc.

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