Medical Infographic Template

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a set of elements for a medical infographic template in Illustrator!

Make an Medical Infographic Template

1. How to Draw the Body and Limbs

Step 1

Let’s begin by sketching the initial set of pieces for the study medical infographic template!

To draw the male body’s shape, duplicate the half shown on the left, then Reflect it and merge both copies with the Outline function in the Pathfinder panel.


Step 2

Do the process with the female body!


Step 3

Fill in both body outlines with #98AEC5.


Step 4

Use the same Pathfinder function to draw the lungs. Fill in the limb with #C7D7E2.

Please make a copy of the lung and paste it inside a #BF3B35 hexagon icon with the same color outline. #EDEDDD should be used to color the lungs.

Create a line with a little circle at the end to act as a pointer.


Step 5

Repeat the process for the lever, but this time change the hexagon color to #889CB1.


Step 6

For the brain icon, use #ED7777.


Step 7

Create the following limbs with the same colors and functions as before.


Step 8

Draw and color the next limb using #EDEDDD.


Step 9:

Insert the heart. For the icon, use #A1A4C2.


Step 10

Use the same colors we did earlier in the tutorial to draw the remainder of the limbs.


Step 11

Arrange the organs and icons as shown below.


2. Creating Graphs

Step 1

Draw the graph’s axes, then add the columns in the following colors:

  • #BF3835
  • #98AEC5
  • #6F89A4

For reference, a Rectangular Grid with 13 Horizontal Dividers can be used.


Step 2

Make another graph with various colored columns.


Step 3

Using the Pathfinder functions Minus Front and Units, make a stick figure in various sizes to create the image.

For the blue stick guy, use #98AEC5, and for the red, use #BF3B35.


Step 4

Color three more copies of the image with #ED7777, #7B83A1, and #6F89A4.

Make graphs similar to the one below, illustrating the percentages with the number of sticks used.


Step 5

Create a stick lady, in the same manner, using the same colors.


Step 6

Apply it to some simple graphs.


Step 7:

I used a free source vector map for our research medical infographic template.

You are free to use the same or add your own.

Color your globe map with #BFCEDB and add a stick man in #6F89A4.


Step 8

Draw percentage figures on the map.


Step 9

Make four colored percentage bars, as seen in the image below.

Use the following colors:

  • #A1A4C2
  • #98AEC5
  • #C23F40
  • #ED7777


Step 10

Extrude and bevel all columns in 3D by going to Effect > 3D > Extrude and Bevel.

For all columns, use the options listed below.


Step 11

Expand Appearance and add percentages in the same color.


Step 12

Create another 3D bar graph by going to Effect > 3D > Revolve and using the following colors:

  • #DD1E20
  • #FF7D7D
  • #C5E6FF
  • #CCD3FF


Step 13

Extend the graphs’ Appearance and arrange them in a diagonal line.


Step 14

Using the Pathfinder functions Unite and Minus Front, draw colorful markers.

Color them using the following colors: #ED7777, #A1A4C2, #C23F40, and #6F89A4.


3. How to Draw a Circular Graph

Step 1

Pathfinder Minus Front function was used to cut a circle in the middle.


Step 2

Overlay a Polar Grid with 20 Radial Dividers on top of the graph.


Step 3

Measure the percentages stated below using the dividers as a guide and then use the Divide function to “break up” the pie graph.

Use the following colors:

  • #98AEC5
  • #7B83A1
  • #ED7777
  • #C03F40


Step 4

Draw a background using Gradient Mesh.

Begin with a #F5F2E6 rectangle and then, using the Mesh Tool (U), create a mesh grid similar to the one seen below.

Color the central node #FFFFFF, then add two nodes above and below that are colored #F6F4EB.

Replace the corners with #EEEAD9.


Step 5

Add our medical infographic elements in the background.

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