Do you wish to remove blemishes, scars, or acne from your portrait? Some photographic clients want a mole or skin blemishes erased from their shot. We will teach you how to eliminate skin blemishes in Photoshop in this tutorial.

This lesson requires Photoshop. Photoshop may be downloaded from Adobe’s website here if you don’t already have it.

Photoshop has many tools for removing warts, spots, or remove blemishes from your face. We’ll also use Spot Healing Brush Tool, Healing Brush Tool, and Patch Tool for this session.

Use the Photoshop Spot Healing Brush Tool to Remove Blemishes.

The spot healing brush is the perfect instrument to employ when it comes to little round spots like pimples or warts.

Open your photograph in Photoshop first to erase flaws in your photo using Photoshop’s Spot Healing Brush tool. Right-click your picture file and choose Launch with Photoshop, or Open Photoshop program and choose File » Open.

After you’ve loaded your image into Photoshop, go to the toolbar on the left. Here, We’ll also use the Spot Healing Brush tool, which has a band-aid symbol.


Set the brush hardness to 100% and tick the “Sample from all layers” box.


Create a new translucent layer now. We assure you that if we make a mistake, we can always return to our original image by applying our adjustments to a blank layer. Go to Layer » New > Layer to add a new layer.


In the Layers panel placed in the bottom right corner of the Photoshop workspace, make sure the Transparent layer is picked. Then, brush the areas you wish to remove from the portrait using the Spot Healing Brush tool.

This tool operates similarly to Photoshop’s primary brush tool, making it simple. Remember to zoom in so you can see what you’re doing.


See how the Spot Healing Brush eradicated the freckles in the above shot!

Use the Healing Brush tool to eliminate Blemishes in Photoshop.

Try the healing brush tool if the spot healing brush isn’t as effective. The left toolbar is located in the same group of tools.


Hold down the Alt key (Alt+Click) to use this tool and click on a lighter region of skin in your image. As you paint over the grey area, the tool will use that lighter section of the skin to cover it.

You have more choice over how you wish to remove the stain with the Healing Brush tool. Use several swatches to achieve a more realistic impression and maintain skin texture as you draw.


Use the patch tool to get rid of Blemishes.

The Patch Tool can remove blemishes from a sizable non-circular area. Scars and birthmarks respond pretty well to this tool.


In order to create a merged layer. First press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E. The patch tool must complete this step to function properly.

Then, choose any skin blemishes in your shot using the patch tool. Once a region has been selected, click inside it and then drag the mouse outside of it.

You’ll notice that a patch of adjacent skin has filled the space when you do this. Let go of the mouse when you’re satisfied with how it looks.


Just that. Portraits from before and after are shown below.

How to Remove Blemishes from Skin in Photoshop

We hope this lesson showed you how to use Photoshop’s Patch Tool, Spot Healing Brush, and Healing Brush to erase defects from your portrait. You can also read our tutorial on Photoshop is One of the Most Important 5 Tools for Graphic Artists.

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