Optimize Images for Your Website

Optimize images for your website: A guide to help you figure out how to optimize images for your business and the best ways to improve website speed.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is important to all online retailers. In addition to copying your custom product description, Google considers your website loading speed. Large product images can be understood in this. There is a good balance between image quality and optimization because over-optimizing can ruin image quality. As a general rule of the thumbnail, I don’t make my images larger than 200kb, but I probably draw to get the smallest image that I can.

Resize your image for the container

The first way to customize your image is to resize the image height and width. If you have a commercial photography business agency for ecommerce business, you need to product photo editing service. See an image on the website. You are viewing an image dynamically scaled to fit inside an image’s HTML container.

If my website container is a 648px square and the actual image is a 1500px square, it will display at 648px, but as far as the image is concerned, it will still load at 1500px. This is extra time, especially if you have a lot of images.

Optimize Images for Your Website

1. Determine the size of the HTML container

Find the size of the container.

You want to optimize images for your website or resize the original image to fit the container before uploading it to your website. I usually resize my images 1.5 times larger than the container to make it look great to view a retina display, a 972px square, for example, this one.

You need to access the developer tools in your web browser to determine the size of the image container. Right-click on the image and inspect the item. In the sidebar, it will show the pixel dimensions in the container.

2. Resize the image

To resize your image to help you, there are many free tools. I suggest using the Mac preview images or Microsoft because they are built-in and easy to use.

Resize the image

After resizing the image, export it and save it 100% as zipping on the desktop.

3. Collapse image

Once you have saved the image at 100% quality, you will see that the file size is quite large. We don’t want to compress the preview image because we don’t see moving the JPEG compression slider.

When we compress an image, it removes the data that is not being used. Make it too compressed and separate the image.

So instead, we want to make the compressed image intelligent way. In the past, I would recommend the Save for Web feature in Adobe Photoshop because you will get a preview as soon as you lower the slider. I recently discovered a software called JPEgmini.com that uses an algorithm to determine the optimal compression for your image. After running several thousand images through it, I am fascinated by how fast and easy it is.

Brief recommendations

  • Image size: Image HTML container is 1 to 1.5 x x
  • Format: JPEG
  • Color space: SRGB
  • Abbreviation: Compressed with JPEGmini.com after export.

Reasons to use window lights instead of light tents.

The first question I get is if there are lightweight tents available. It’s cheap and easy to do. When shooting with a lightweight tent, you enter a multi-light setup that adds the level of complexity needed to study outside of a general role-related article.

Multiple light configurations feature the following:

  • You have to buy a lot of extra gear, and it can get expensive. Lightweight tents and lighting can add to the cost, probably more than hiring a professional.
  • You need to understand how to balance exposure to different lights and how to set them correctly. Teaching how f / stops and shutter speeds work for light can be challenging.
  • Color balancing lights become a concern because each light source has a different color called the color temperature. Extreme color differences can significantly affection your image.
  • If you decide instead to use flash incandescent lighting, be prepared for challenges Outside of Basic Exposure. Flash exposure is only f / stop is determined by the sync speed is limited, and special equipment is required to shoot.
  • The quality of light from light tents is very uniform and often shaded. Product shapes and shadows are important because they give the impression of space. In my personal opinion, the image obtained from the window light is faster and more interesting than the light tent.

If you still want to buy or build a lightweight tent yourself, get ready to learn how to set f / stops, shutter speed, ISO, and color balance with your camera and individual lighting.

Limitations with this configuration

One of the problems people have with this setting is that their photos don’t look perfect. For example, some people have had trouble with reflective products using this method because it reflects windows like the examples below.

Like everything, there are limitations to DIY. Like the natural window lighting techniques mentioned above, most people can take great photos in a single lighting environment. However, taking photographs of solid products (for example, transparent or reflective products) requires a perfect multi-light studio setup and in-depth technical knowledge of photography.

If you bring your own limitations, you can consider hiring a professional photographer for products. The average cost of getting a photo with a professional white background is around 30-40 per photo, and there are many options online. It can be a worthwhile investment, as quality product photos can be better transformed. Start your Google search for local product photography services.

And there you have it! Take a photo of your product on a white background without buying tons of complex lighting and equipment is easy. If you use this method, please post your setup and a photo of the final product. We want to see results.

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