Download 18 Free Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone

Mobile image editing has grown highly popular. It is incredibly convenient for people who want to stay on the go and frequently post images to Instagram or Twitter. Modern smartphones have sophisticated cameras with excellent optics, allowing you to capture clear, high-resolution photographs.

You can download a wide range of free or paid apps on your phone. While some are intended for shooting photos, others offer professional-level photo editing. On your PC or smartphone, you can use them to take, edit, and organize images. Address Pixover Lab image editing service to get your images edited quickly for $5–$10 each photo if you need a professionally modified image.

It cannot be easy to choose the best free photo editor for this reason, but I’ve made it easy for you by compiling a list of the top free picture editing apps for iPhone and Android.

Free Photo Editing Apps for Your Phone



  • It is convenient to use the library
  • Everything you need to edit photos Well-designed camera software
  • Large collection of the top web filters Conveniently integrates with social media
  • Unstable while using RAW files
  • Ninety percent of the filters are not free.

Conclusion: VSCO is a versatile automatic picture editor for fans of mobile photography. It falls between the simpler Snapseed and the more complex Instagram in photo post-processing. VSCO is an expert in creating image-processing solutions for apps like Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera RAW, and Aperture.

Years of expertise in this area and the rising recognition of the finest free HDR software have influenced VSCO’s functionality, the variety of filters, and the well-balanced picture editing tools.

The service’s concept is similar to Instagram. You can use it as a travel photo editing tool because you can edit your images and upload them to your profile. However, in addition to saving pictures taken by other users to your collection and sharing all of this content on other social media platforms, VSCO also lets you create personal albums.

Every magazine is also available online in a sleek, simple design. When it comes to modifying pictures for social networks, VSCO filters are rightfully regarded as the most well-liked. Many celebs modify their images with VSCO.

The application is the greatest option for everything else but photo editing. The ability to edit videos is now offered by VSCO, but only for VSCO X.

Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express

  • Support for several formats
  • Many effects, fundamental photo-editing tools
  • Use Creative Cloud to work
  • Utilization of CC Libraries
  • The free Photoshop program
  • Registration is necessary
  • Inadequate image editing capabilities
  • Few camera settings and few possibilities
  • Processing of RAW files is not particularly efficient.

Conclusion: Of these, Photoshop Express is the program that causes the greatest confusion. Photoshop and other Adobe picture restoration programs are widely used, making it impossible to question their quality. On the other hand, the application is confusing and doesn’t produce the greatest results. Starting to work with RAW files in Photoshop Express develops into a serious endurance workout.

If you want to retouch your skin, each action takes at least 10 seconds. Allow yourself plenty of time and peace of mind because each touch made to the image lags the software for at least 30 seconds.

The same holds if you need to terminate an action while editing photos on a tablet. Users would rank it among the top picture editing apps if this were the only option available. Still, Fotor, Polarr, Enlight, and other comparable photo editing apps promise fast access to RAW files on mobile devices.

Photoshop Express offers a respectable selection of tools for editing images in JPEG or PNG formats. There are just ten filters accessible as a result of Adobe’s reduction in the number of filters. I’m not sure what distinguishes Lightroom CC Mobile from Photoshop Express. The only interface and name differences between these picture editing programs. Instead of utilizing this version, I think getting Photoshop for free and installing it on your PC would be wiser.



  • Works quickly with filters
  • Practical control system
  • Amazing design
  • Too delicate tools
  • A select few effective filters

Conclusion: Unfortunately, just a small proportion of users are aware of this free photo editing tool because it is well worth learning about and debating. Since many users believe Ribbet to be the greatest picture editing software for PCs, it is a program accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. A minimal set of tools for applying filters and color correction are included in the program.

If you’ve ever used the Snapseed photo editing controls, you’ll know what they look like right away. The design of the interface and the controls—swipe sideways to activate the tool, swipe up and down to pick the tool—appear to be copied verbatim by the development team. You can play around with filters when using this photo enhancer.

I have never seen a use of filters that is as quick and easy as this. There are no delays in the application or activation of any filters.

In post-production, you can whiten teeth and partially correct the skin and eyes, but the application doesn’t offer a solution for fixing serious skin flaws. In my opinion, one of the greatest free photo apps is Ribbet if you like to work on an Android tablet.


Photolemur 3

Photolemur 3

  • Quickly handles extensive picture catalogs
  • User-friendly
  • RAW files are processed slowly.
  • More safeguards are needed.

Conclusion: Photolemur 3 offers AI-powered automatic image modification. In order to recover missing elements, fix exposure, enhance colors, and improve lighting, the software analyzes the image. Photolemur poses no operational challenges.

The same holds even if you’re using the best tablet for picture editing and need to abort the action. Users would undoubtedly cite this as one of the finest picture editing applications if it were the only option available. Still, Fotor, Polarr, Enlight, and other comparable apps provide fast access to RAW images on mobile devices.

The AI technology built into the app significantly improves the sky and vegetation. The software also has a new face-editing tool, which is a benefit. Try Luminar if you want more sophisticated controls. Luminar is an AI-based picture editing tool similar to Photolemur but with more functionality.




  • Enables complete Instagram photo preparation
  • Offers a number of further features
  • Only useful when combined with Instagram
  • No image editing tools

Conclusion: The app is positioned as an editing tool and software for getting your photos ready for Instagram sharing. The quality of the “before” photo may be significantly higher than the published one because Instagram significantly reduces the photographs when they are being uploaded. You can post photographs directly to Instagram using InstaSize.

When a rectangular image is published, a white backdrop is seen above and below it (or left and right). You can alter the color of the backdrop. In the application, you can also capture pictures, choose photos from the gallery, apply layers, and make collages.

You can upload the image immediately to Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram after it has been processed. The rest are not required in order to create high-quality content on Instagram with this application.




  • Many different and interesting tools
  • Easy-to-use photo app
  • Importing pictures from social networks is a possibility
  • Possess a unique social network
  • Quickly performing
  • Numerous advertisements
  • The free version’s functionality is restricted.
  • Many compensated pieces of content

Conclusion: Among other free editing apps, PicsArt distinguishes out as a picture editor for mobile devices. The software provides a wealth of helpful image processing capabilities and even functions as a teeth whitening photo editor.

The application’s interface is simple to use; there are options to change the transparency rate and disable the independent layer display. If you previously worked in Photoshop or other similar editors, you will immediately feel at home in PicsArt Photo Studio.

I want to draw attention to a special choice: you can add a new layer by using the camera’s live image. This enables you to merge an unshot frame while viewing other preselected layers and images.

This gives you the opportunity to play around with collages, multiple exposures, and other intriguing techniques. There are also a number of color presets similar to those in Instagram and a number of different effects similar to those offered by other photo-editing applications, much like in the majority of contemporary programs in this category.

The software comes with a built-in camera that lets you view the results of combining effects from the library with an unshot frame in real-time. Additionally, you can change the image settings before taking a picture.

The program is a component of an imaginative social network. Using this robust editor, which enables you to be inspired by the digital art of other authors and post your works without exiting the application, artists, photographers, and illustrators share the images they have created.




  • Dynamic rendering
  • An easy-to-use application
  • Several background options
  • Cutaway of the face
  • A free version’s few features

Conclusion: CutOut.Pro is an excellent tool if you need to take out objects, people, and backgrounds from your images and cure flaws like skin imperfections. Drag-and-drop is used to upload photos, after which you can move on to editing. Both photo and video files can have their backgrounds removed with the software. Additionally, adjustments can be made in real-time for free.

There is also a potent desktop application called CutOut.Pro that stands out for having a precise Face Cutout capability. It allows you to precisely carve out the faces and hair of both people (adults and children) and animals (cats, dogs, etc.). No matter how skilled you are, there won’t be any issues when deleting background and items from this software.




  • Automatic photo genre detection
  • Efficient use of tools
  • DNG file assistance
  • Unusual cropping device
  • Retouching of poor quality

Conclusion: This is one of Google’s top free professional-level picture editing tools. It has a ton of editing features to improve even the most unremarkable photographs.

It was designed as a Photoshop replacement for the iPad and gave you complete control over your photographs, including a number of tools for altering the vignette, blur, temperature, and other aspects.

The flexibility of the program to layer effects on top of one another to create whole new ones is a very helpful feature. Many sophisticated capabilities, including curves control, double exposure, and DNG compatibility, are supported by Snapseed.

The tools are surprisingly simple to use; you slide them up and down and then flip them left and right to select the intensity of the effect. Simply saving all of your options will result in the creation of a brand-new custom effect.

It supports the RAW format and is the best offline picture editor application. White balance is comparable to Lightroom in that it is simple to use. You’ll love the Selective Color tool, which makes it simple to change a certain color in just one location.

Although the two programs behave quite similarly (as do all editors), Snapseed has the benefit over VSCO in that it chooses the picture’s genre automatically (portrait, landscape, etc.). It alerts the user to potential editing options. This is why many users refer to it as a VSCO clone.


Adobe Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC

  • Working on Creative Cloud is possible
  • Wonderful photography app
  • You can edit DNG and RAW
  • You must sign up.
  • Peculiar library work

Conclusion: Adobe Lightroom is a well-known tool for professional color correction, RAW file editing, and dealing with RAW files. Fortunately, thanks to the launch of a condensed version – Lightroom CC – developers were able to adapt it for mobile devices. You don’t need to constantly have access to a PC or laptop to edit photographs in Lightroom.

One of the best photo-editing programs available for free download is Lightroom CC. With support for RAW photographs, Lightroom mobile presets, exposure settings, watermarks, etc., it is a fully functional photo manager and editor.

The fact that this program is completely free—you need to register an Adobe ID—is its best feature. Of course, you’ll need to pay for it by signing up for an Adobe Creative Cloud membership, which costs $10 a month and includes access to Photoshop and Lightroom Classic if you want to sync photos across various devices and use special features.

Not only is it the best PC picture editor, but it also makes a quick and easy Facebook cover photo. The app allows users of all skill levels to process photographs.

The camera’s flexibility to alter the focal point, ISO settings, and shutter speed makes it a very handy tool. On my iPhone, I utilize it for product photos.


Movavi Photo Editing App

Movavi Photo Editing App

  • Automatic photo editing
  • Super-rapid work
  • The app with the most user-friendly UI
  • 13 categories with a great amount of graphic effects
  • No support for RAW files

Conclusion: Because auto image correction is this program’s main function, beginners will find it to be quite helpful. The simplest photo editing program for beginners is Movavi. This is not a substitute for Photoshop and lacks layers, 3D objects, masks, filters, and other specialized features. The emphasis is solely on photo editing, and users of any level of expertise can utilize it.

This software’s user-friendly design and extremely understandable functionality have taken the place of a significant number of confusing and complex utilities. The free version of the Movavi picture editing app Lite is ideal for you if you are concerned that a normal photo editing app would be a program with an enormous number of functions, many of which are burdensomely complex. Opening the image, editing it, and saving it is more like Camera RAW than LightStream.


Lens Distortions

Lens Distortions

  • Many amazing effects available for free
  • Free in part
  • Purchase is necessary to unlock better effects

Conclusion: In addition to its amazing plug-ins and desktop programs, Lens Distortions has created a mobile photo editing software for Android and iOS that offers its collection of tools for image editing on mobile devices.

Lens Distortions offer a range of realistic effects that you can add to your images, whether you’re seeking a color filter or an overlay effect like a light leak or flash. Only five sets of effects, divided into numerous portions, are accessible from each area. You will need to pay $1 per month if you want access to all 250 premium effects.

With its high-quality overlays for images that include sunlight, rain, flash, fog, and snow, it is one of the greatest applications for photographers since it allows them to manipulate weather effects. Glass components and glitter effects are also available to add shine or blur to an image.

For a unique look, you can even blend different effects. The app is a godsend for anyone who enjoys photographing urban environments and landscapes. The program does not allow you to apply filters or color corrections, but you may add these aspects to an image with just a few clicks.


Enlight Photofox

Enlight Photofox

  • There are a ton of opportunities
  • Several features found in certain programs but not others
  • Working knowledge of layers
  • Numerous suggestions for working
  • Hard to understand
  • Several pop-ups
  • For iPhones only

Conclusion: Enlight offers a variety of free programs to use, with Enlight itself being the only one that is not. In actuality, each application deserves its own discussion, but Enlight Photofox was my favorite.

Of course, the sheer amount of menu items and sub-categories may befuddle you when you first open it.

When you begin using any functions, pop-up instructions across the full display disappear. But the program will demonstrate its capabilities after you try editing a few photos.

The option to reverse one final modification and then redo it is a useful and straightforward feature that, for some reason, is not even present in the most well-known services. Additionally, you can enlarge a picture to the pixel level.

Looking at the specifics of the modified image can be helpful at times. You may start editing many photographs at once with one of the top iPhone photo editing apps and save the unfinished sessions. Up to 10 items will remain open if you don’t save them.

If you are pleased with the outcome, sharing a snapshot straight from the app on social media, messengers, email, and Instagram is convenient.

The brand-new program now includes the option to work with layers in addition to the whole collection of tools for photo post-processing, which are available in the free version.

Using layers, you may mix many photographs into one picture, make a unique collage, use various photo overlay effects, and more. You can edit each layer separately, remove items from the backdrop, change any layer’s transparency, and change any layer’s shape, size, and perspective.




  • All platforms are supported
  • Up to 30 MP JPEG image support
  • Working offline
  • No support for raw files

Conclusion: Polarr is a Mac image editing program that is unjustly underrated, despite the fact that it deserves equal attention to all other products. This application initially looks like a regular photo editing tool with a simplistic design. There are automatic photo editing programs for modest people who are content with simply minimal tools for their needs. I wish to draw attention to capabilities that take automatic photo editing to a new level, such as the automatic detection of faces and even their features in the picture.

There are more common techniques to improve the appearance, such as skin lightening, skin tone changes, the ability to accurately and gently alter the contour of the face, the removal of flaws, glares, etc. The more comfortable you become with Polarr’s features, the more beneficial features you will notice. The application provides a complete view of the EXIF data. Advanced users may control brushes and color masks and develop and save their own filters.

Of course, the program cannot—and should not—be compared to professional software. Advanced amateurs and professionals interested in quick and precise photo processing, rather than in-depth analysis, are its target market. Polarr demonstrates the potential of free photo-editing software.


Photoscape X

Photoscape X

  • Among analogs, a good picture import system.
  • Excellent presets and filters
  • Unusual export results
  • Don’t display the white balance adjustment

Conclusion: Photoscape X appears to be created specifically for those looking for a full-featured, free Lightroom replacement. The software can be found in the App Store and is among the greatest free photo editing programs. Its main benefit is that all of Lightroom’s flaws and downsides were taken into account during development.

As a result, it is regarded as one of the top Mac picture editing apps. The program is divided into a number of components, including Viewer, Editor, Cut Out, Batch, and others. Viewing an image offers complete RAW file support and comprehensive info.

I appreciate the ability to view the photographs the most. After pressing “File-Open,” there is no need to continually search for images or move photos from the folder to the application. Endless folders that operate oddly are also no longer necessary.

Here, you may use the recognizable folder hierarchy to search for photos directly within the application. It functions admirably quickly—an SD card containing 650 RAW photographs, for instance, loads in under 30 seconds.

Everything that has to do with color work magically affects the original image, especially preset filters that are applied carefully to avoid drastically changing your image’s saturation or light balance. However, I can’t seem to find white balance settings.




  • Excellently colored design
  • Being able to alter videos
  • Several settings and filters
  • RAW files open instantly
  • Too delicate settings
  • While photo editing, the image’s quality is at its lowest.

Conclusion: One of the greatest free photo editing programs for making collages out of photos is Moldiv. The primary panel of the software, which has a vast range of collage templates, will be shown when you first launch it. A future image’s sections can be divided into 2, 4, 5, or 6 photographs. You can browse the whole collection of templates and choose the best one within a few swipes.

One of the greatest photography apps, it enables you to professionally edit the generated photos by adding effects and ornamental components, processing numerous photos on a single canvas, applying images in layers, and more.

The program uses a unique collage-making method that allows users to pick a frame and photos. The system will decide the border’s position, size, and color based on the overall tone, size, and saturation of the additional images!

The app offers the ability to make themed collages, apply filters and color correction, modify signatures and stickers, and export and import photographs to a social network.

This picture editor’s ability to change the collage’s internal bounds is something I really appreciate. “Scissors” is one of my favorite tools.

You can use it to assist you in making a collage with clippings. It is quite convenient when you want to add a specific element to a collage rather than a full photo. You can use “Scissors” to cut off a section of any image and add it to your collage.




  • A good camera app
  • Numerous filters
  • Awful architecture
  • Only available on Android

Conclusion: Bonfire Photo Editing App provides every feature a quality image editing app ought to have, enabling you to create stunning images without having to pay for pricey photo improvement services. However, the inclusion of numerous filters is the app’s major benefit. Its beautiful effects that may be used in image post-processing make it one of the top photo editing tools. The user receives 110 special filters and effects that can be used to enhance even the worst photo.

Thanks to the app’s intelligent design, your favorite filter may be instantly adjusted and applied. The Bonfire photo editing program pro features a variety of highly intriguing effects in addition to its standard feature set, like the Fancy filter that mimics watercolor painting.

Even if the original file has problems, automatic photo editing allows you to produce a high-quality image rapidly. After using the preview feature to compare the original and edited versions, you can upload the altered photo to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and WhatsApp.




  • Encourages RAW
  • A compact application
  • Good retouching capabilities
  • Incredibly annoying color fixing job
  • Complicated layering of work

Conclusion: I would advise utilizing this specific photo editing tool if you are retouching or painting without using color correction. Since Pixelstyle focuses more on painting and provides a variety of useful tools that operate well, the toolkit and aesthetic are very similar to Paint. NET.

There are also lots of helpful tools available for post-production. When you wish to perform color correction, be prepared for a challenge because the creators buried these features deep within the other options.

The biggest flaw with these features is that the slider movement doesn’t have a real-time preview. The modification will take a few seconds to process and apply, so please wait.

A series of unpleasant Cmd + Z clicks are required to cancel operations during the picture processing due to the extreme sensitivity of all parameters. Even so, it enables RAW image processing, unlike similar editors, albeit not in the quickest manner.




  • RAW assistance
  • Many filters for picture editing
  • Quick work on color fixing
  • Easy to use interface
  • Numerous effects
  • Many features are marked with the Pro emblem and may only be obtained by paying for them.
  • The intermittent loss of photographs from the gallery
  • Only Premium users get access to some features.

Conclusion: Fotor stands out among other picture editing software due to its incredible capabilities. The primary benefit of Fotor is its lightning-fast color correction, white balance modification, and other operations involving colors and tints. The number of functions.

Although Fotor is superior to Camera RAW and operates considerably more quickly, it still falls short of Lightroom in terms of sophistication. We may even call it the top PC photo editing program. Why Fotor scenes and filters are divided into two distinct categories for picture processing is beyond me. They produce a nearly identical outcome, with the exception that the sceneries place greater emphasis on contrast and exposure and use filters to control color. The only commercial on Fotor is a tiny banner encouraging users to acquire the full version, which I find to be good.

Fotor offers fundamental image editing and color correction tools, making it one of the top photo editing apps. The majority of the fundamental effects and filters photography lovers could find useful are included. Thanks to its user-friendly, straightforward layout, you’ll learn how to use the program’s full range of features. The ability to work with RAW photos is something I really value because not every application provides it. The “Fotor HDR” tool provides significant image improvement assistance.

Free photo-editing software for computers is expanding quickly. The best picture editing software for beginners, such as Photoshop or Lightroom, is typically what people search for. Many developers have quickly started to create new or adapt existing high-quality photo editing apps since the introduction of app stores for desktop operating systems.


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