Extend history states in Photoshop

Hello guys’ I’ll tech you how to extend history states in photoshop. I’m graphic designer at Pixover Lab Inc. I’ll tech you today critical problem of graphic designer.

If there is a problem with the fast work in Photoshop, we try to go back to the previous state. But the default settings of Photoshop do not allow us to go too far back.

Especially those who work professionally in Photoshop. Or those who do photo editing need this kind of setting. I mean extend history states of Photoshop. Otherwise, they will not be able to come back much farther.

Maybe you never thought that you could go far back in Photoshop.

Yes, today, I will show you how you can come a long way by undoing.

Quite easy.

The version you are using in Photoshop. However, this option is available in the updated version.

Extend History States in Photoshop.

I’m showing up with the updated version. You will have to match your version.

  1. Turn on Photoshop and click on the Edit menu. You will see many options below. If you have a large display, you will see all the options. Those who see less will scroll down.
  2. Click on Preference, and a new window will open. Many more options can be seen here. Click on Performance from here.
  3. Yeah, so much for coming here. Here you will see some options. Today’s work on the history of the state.


Here you will get 50 as default; increase it to 1000. Ok work done. Click ok and leave it.

Here are some more options if you want to set them up. It has Random Access Memory (RAM) setting and graphics setting.

Photoshop RAM settings:

You can increase or decrease your RAM setting if you wish. Based on the germ you planted, this germ will give exactly as much as you need in Photoshop.

Photoshop Dedicated Graphics settings:

Those who have dedicated graphics can change the built-in graphics and set the dedicated graphics. You will get better performance in your Photoshop.

Note: Do a little care in these settings. Otherwise, Photoshop may break.

If you have any problem understanding, please comment. Thanks for reading the full article.

2 comments on “How To Extend History States in Photoshop and Change It?

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