Tutorial: The best way to Photoshop a picture of someone

Photoshop a picture: Do you wish to use Photoshop to arrange individuals on artistic backgrounds? Creating a thematic background with multiple people in one photo is not difficult, but it will take time and effort. This strategy allows you to include many people in a single photograph. You’ll be able to accomplish the result quickly if you follow these simple guidelines for adding a person to a photo in Photoshop CC.

1. Find Your Images

When choosing two photos, look for similarities in lighting, perspective, angles, and resolution. If you want the most natural result, these things must be the same in both photos. The slightest difference can destroy incompatible images.

2. Duplicate the Background Layer

Duplicate the Background Layer

The background layer can be duplicated by pressing Cmd + J (for Mac) or Ctrl + J (for Windows).

3. Make a Selection

Make a Selection

Using the Quick Selection tool, you can choose which subject to extract. You will see marching ants when you select a person. When Photoshop a picture someone into a photo, you don’t have to be very precise as long as you choose all areas of the body. Our choices will then be fine-tuned.

4. Create a Layer Mask

Create a Layer Mask

Hide the selected photo part by clicking “Add Layer Mask” in the Layers panel.

5. Refine the Selection

Refine the Selection

By pressing /, you will check the edges of the mask. Adjust the mask’s border using the Brush Tool. It enables you to work more precisely with the image and remove or add other components.

Click “/” only when everything is ready. Don’t rush. Work carefully.

Click "/" only when everything is ready

6. Transfer the Mask to a New Picture

Transfer the Mask to a New Picture

Drag a mask layer into a photo to add a Photoshop person

7. Resize the Extracted Person

Resize the Extracted Person

At this point, the Free Transform tool will be helpful. Click “Free Transform” from the Edit menu to transform the size and position of a person.

You can also use Cmd/Ctrl + T. A box will emerge on the layer’s outside. To enlarge the figure:

  1. Drag a corner.
  2. While controlling the size, hold down the Shift key.
  3. Reduce the size till it corresponds to the image.
  4. Make an effort to retain the figure’s proportions as original as feasible.

8. Create Shadows

Create Shadows

You should place the Curves layer under the Mask layer to make the picture appear more natural. Put the Curves layer above the person layer if necessary to add light.

Curves layer under the Mask layer to make the picture appear more natural

9. Adjust Colors

You should also consider the exposure and colors of the inserted subject if the lighting in the two photos is inconsistent. These should not affect the color harmony of the new image. Ensure the exposure, lighting, contrast, white balance, and blue and red levels are all adjusted to create a natural-looking image.

10. It’s done! Enjoy it!

Photoshop a picture

Photoshop a picture into a picture is as simple as that. Don’t give up if your first attempts seem impractical.

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