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About us: Our team has been engaged in photo editing since 2021. We keep up to date with all the trends and strategies that the digital photography industry brings every year and are known worldwide for our creativity, high quality, and reasonable prices.

About Us
Pixover Lab About Us

Our photo editing experts work hard to deliver mesmerizing results that can exceed client expectations. We strive to build and maintain friendly relationships with professional and apprentice photographers, video graphers, magazines, eCommerce agencies, realtors, real estate companies, advertising studios, publishing houses, web designers, and film producers worldwide. Our clients can enjoy numerous bonuses and discounts displayed regularly.

The greatest joy for our company is to build a bridge between you and your perfect photo. We know how to do it quickly and professionally!

Our services

Pixover Lab has earned a reputation as a professional photo editing company, and that’s why. The services we offer other platforms, although their quality is amazing.

Portrait Retouching

To give your portrait photos a visually pleasing but natural look, we use the most powerful tools and follow the current trends. Performing skin retouching by fixing regular flaws, we make sure that the finished portrait looks realistic and impressive. If you are interested in creative touches, we will do it for you.

Wedding photo editing

If you are bored of editing wedding photos at night, you may be tempted to entrust this task to a trusted company. We have been involved in this field for 1+ years and know how to look at a big day’s luxurious photo. Moving from basic edits to more advanced combinations, we are responsible for your images, and we promise that you will show many flattering words to other people.

Background Changing

If you will publish your pictures, especially in magazines, or need photos for an online store, there are some rules to follow. It mainly indicates the background, and if the initial one proves inappropriate, do not hesitate to contact our agency. We will delete and replace the background so that your image achieves the desired look.

Photo manipulation

If you want to transcend established boundaries and complement your photos with some effect, transition, color combination, and stylization, we have an excellent offer for you. Check out the “Photo Manipulation” section and choose the ones that might give you a “wow” look in the picture. Your imagination is just the limit.

Photo Restoration

Talented researchers at Pixover Lab can improve digital images’ look, lending your old, damaged photos a new lease of life. We take images that go through changes over time, affected by moisture and dust and torn and torn shots.

Product photo editing

If you’re looking to make your online trading business profitable or diversify your portfolio or Instagram product page with high-quality product photos, we’re here to help. Being well aware of modern product photo editing techniques and working following industry standards, we will give your photos a much-needed feel.

Jewelry photo editing

Can’t manage jewelry photo editing on your own? No problem! Glad to help the Pixover Lab team. We will remove dust and reflections, work in the background, adjust the colors, apply a glossy effect and edit creative jewelry.

Real estate photo editing

Editing photos of real estate or architecture is no easy task, especially if your photographs must be similar to those published in “Property Weekly Magazine” and “Realty Fact Magazine”. Achieving the quality level requires extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of image editing. If you do not have time for this, give us the restorers’ address, and we will do everything for you.

Body Retouching

Thinning a person, resizing body parts, removing cellulite, expanding certain areas, and fixing skin blemishes become a reality if you order these services at Pixover Lab. Depending on your needs, we will provide images that can become the centerpiece of your portfolio.

Newborn photo editing

Outsource your newborn photo editing to Pixover Lab, and our experts will do their best to efficiently improve skin tone, remove blemishes and illuminate the innocent condition of the miniature model. Creative orders are welcome!

High-end Retouching

We are ready to solve the most complex superior retouching tasks for publishing and printing. Instead of fixing all the image imperfections yourself, you can pass the task to Pixover Lab and get your studio images back to the highest resolution in a matter of days. Rush orders are also accepted.

Suppose you want to expand your knowledge about both the technology and the creative side of photography. In that case, you should visit our blog full of interesting and in-depth articles and summaries. You can use tips on various photography genres, poses related dresses, decorations, and makeup, lighting technology, inspirational stories, and recommendations about famous photographers that will work if you plan to upgrade your gear set. The blog is regularly supplemented with new posts, so you can use it to stay up to date.

If you’re interested in any of our proposed photo editing services, leave us a message, and we’ll get back to you.

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